Parque dos Dinossauros da Lourinha, Portugal

Dinosaur Park International has opened the largest dinosaur open-air museum ever built in southern Europe after only 15 months of construction on 9 February 2018 and put into operation. At the end of July 2018, more than 200,000 small and large guests visited the park "Dinoparque Lourinha" - a complete success!
The park has been planned for several years together with the city of Lourinha and the GEAL group who is responsible for the local paleontological findings.

The entire Dinopark was planned by DPI from zero with all the necessary infrastructure. The project was positively assessed by the Portuguese State, the responsible entities of Turismo de Portugal and Compete 2020, and co-financed with loans granted through public funds.
The imposing entrance diorama, with an image of the rocky coast, where many dinosaur fossils can be found, and a large Supersaurus standing on the cliff, intuitively conveys the impression of what visitors can await visiting the Dinosaur Open Air Museum:
dinosaur experience and adventure based on scientific findings.

Teufelsschlucht, Germany

The Dinosaurier-Park Teufelsschlucht is an open-air dinosaur park that is operated by Felsenland Südeifel Tourismus GmbH, which is a public authority of the Municipality of Ernzen.
In 2015, Dinosaurier-Park International (DPI) delivered 103 life-sized and realistic dinosaur reconstructions and prehistoric mammals measuring between 1 and 23 metres, and installed these on a site measuring around 33,500 m².

Dinoparc Rasnov, Brasov, Romania 

The Dinosaurier-Park International team was involved in planning the Dinosaur Park in Rasnov from 2013.
At the end of October 2014, the evolutionary path was fitted with realistic dinosaur models in cooperation with the Romanian partner. Delivery and installation were achieved according to plan. The park opened in spring 2015.

Dino-Park Mölschow Usedom, Germany

The project partner of the Dino Park Mölschow on Usedom provided a site (an old agricultural museum incl. entrance building) measuring ca. 20,000 m², on which the models were installed. The models are rented on the basis of a visitor-based, results-based fee.