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Anker 1

PLWM (Phantastic Lights Christmas Market), Dortmund, Germany

Exhibition at the Fredenbaumpark - area with over 30 dinosaur models and various dragons for the annual Christmas market.

Trelew, Argentina

World’s largest dinosaur model constructed in Argentina – elaborate 2-year project successfully completed: The reconstruction was realised together with the Palaeontological Museum Egidio Feruglio (MEF Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio) in Trelew, Argentina. The largest dinosaur we have ever built to date – the Megatitan – is placed in a very visible position, directly on Argentina’s main north-south transport axis, directly before the city of Trelew, attracting many visitors to the museum.

Central Rail Station, Antwerp, Belgium

Dinosaur exhibition in Antwerp Central Rail Station

Christmas Market, Bochum, Germany

We received an order from the city of Bochum (Bochum Marketing) to construct 5 Santa Claus figures at a height of ca. 6.50 m for the annual Christmas Market in the city centre.

Rail Station Concourse, Hanover, Germany

Descendants of the Dinosaurs exhibition on the Rail Station Concourse in Hanover